Laura & Trevor | Brownstone Reserve

Love how College Station is like a Texan Paris in that many people find their person to spend forever after with here. Laura and Trevor met during Fish Camp and have been inseparable ever since! After a nice early afternoon ceremony at St. Mary's, their friends and family joined them for a fun reception at the Brownstone Reserve. Seriously, when the music started the dance floor was always busy! Congratulations again Laura and Trevor, we wish you an amazing honeymoon!

Special thanks to:
Venue: Brownstone Reserve
DJ: Century Tree Productions
Flowers: Unforgettable Floral
Cake: Truly Scrumptious

Cindy's XV | Lakeview Nightclub

We had a great time celebrating Cindy's fifteenth birthday. After her ceremony at Santa Teresa catholic church, the quinceañera and her entire party went around in full get-up to the mall where they enjoyed a snack and entertained themselves taking snapshots in a photo booth. Cindy's entire family, godparents, and guests were very friendly and wonderful!. It was definitely a very memorable day. 


La pasamos de maravilla celebrando los quince de Cindy. Después de su linda ceremonia en la iglesia Santa Teresa, la quinceañera y su corte de honor salieron rumbo a la mall donde disfrutaron parte del tiempo tomando fotos en una 'cabina de fotografía automática'. La familia, los padrinos de Cindy e invitados fueron bien amables también. Este era un día inolvidable para todos!