Cindy's XV | Lakeview Nightclub

We had a great time celebrating Cindy's fifteenth birthday. After her ceremony at Santa Teresa catholic church, the quinceañera and her entire party went around in full get-up to the mall where they enjoyed a snack and entertained themselves taking snapshots in a photo booth. Cindy's entire family, godparents, and guests were very friendly and wonderful!. It was definitely a very memorable day. 


La pasamos de maravilla celebrando los quince de Cindy. Después de su linda ceremonia en la iglesia Santa Teresa, la quinceañera y su corte de honor salieron rumbo a la mall donde disfrutaron parte del tiempo tomando fotos en una 'cabina de fotografía automática'. La familia, los padrinos de Cindy e invitados fueron bien amables también. Este era un día inolvidable para todos!  


Cindy | Texas A&M University

I had the pleasure of meeting Cindy last November when she partook in a friend's quinceañera. They all had a wonderful time. A few months later, I was asked to be a part of a very special day - her quinceañera.  I could not have been more delighted. I look forward to photographing her and all her loved ones!

- Maryann