A winter adventure in Big Bend National Park

You have to keep it fresh. As a photographer, it's important to renew your image bank with beautifully unfamiliar sights. This keeps the childhood wonder of exploring the world through your camera alive.

This past January we took a trip to Big Bend National Park. We hauled along lots of cameras and lenses not wanting to be unprepared. That was the extent of the planning, this was mostly a spontaneous 10 hour trip.

Entrance to the park.

Entrance to the park.

So remember how there was little preparation? When we got to Fort Stockton (a town close to the park) there was a shortage of places to stay as the roads leading into town were closed due to ice. It was an additional 2 hour drive in black ice to comfort. This was a view from that night.

This is the Dog Canyon Trail right at the entrance of the park. You can see the Dagger Ridge in the distance. Not pictured here are the various paw prints we found.

Big Bend_D600_024.jpg

Nothing like Mexican food to reinvigorate the adventurous spirit.

Emory Peak in the Chisos Mountains was our next mark. You can spot this range from the entrance of the park. The long and winding roads leading into the heart of the park were incredibly scenic. We often found ourselves parking on the curb just to take a few stills.

Oh my! Apparently if you encounter any of these guys you're supposed to raise your arms high and yell as if you're menacing them...

Big Bend_D600_070.jpg

Not bad for a cell phone capture no?

I've never experienced such a sunset. Coupled with the beautiful blues, orange and purple hues was a profound silence. The cool air really added to the feeling of complete peace. It was hard to leave it all behind.