Ashley & Max | The Tuscany Villa

We are very excited to finally post Ashley's bridal portraits as well as a few snapshots of their wedding day. Set in the gorgeous Tuscany Villa in Katy, TX, Ashley's beauty shone through in an poised yet youthful way while Max was very handsome in his formal attire.

Because Ashley and Max are some of our dearest friends, it was hard to keep these photos to ourselves so as to not ruin the surprise.

Her dress was marvelous, a long gown in a traditional style which she wore well.

Maryann and I were happy to be part of their bridal party but although we were in the wedding, we couldn't help but to take a few photos of our own. We had the pleasure of seeing their love culminate into a lovely marriage.

Congratulations you two! This is sure to be one of our favorite posts.