Kivani, Melissa & Swapna | Galveston, TX

Okay, let me just say one thing: I LOVE FRIEND GROUP PORTRAIT SESSIONS! I had so much fun capturing sweet moments between these wonderful ladies last week. Even though it was just a little warm out in Galveston (who am I kidding, it felt like it was 110° out there) the girls all had a great time walking around, filling me in on their past friend adventures, and talking about all the cool spots they would hit up on the island. It was pretty much the girl time that I needed!! We met up at Mod Coffeehouse for some caffeine, moved over to Taquilo’s for some refreshing tequila shots, and continued our journey to UTMB to photograph them in front of Old Red. We finished the night with delicious burgers in a popular spot called… well, The Spot located right off of Seawall!

I met Melissa back in 2017 when she was planning out her fiesta-themed wedding (click here to see!) back in College Station, TX. Ever since then, we have been bonding more and more ever since we found out we were both cat ladies… but we’ll leave that story for another time! I met Kivani and Swapna for the first time at Melissa’s wedding last year and thought they were sweet and kind. Who knew I would be photographing all three of them a year later in a very important time of their lives? :)

Kivani, Melissa, and Swapna graduated from the University of Texas Medical Branch last Friday in Galveston, TX, receiving their Masters in Occupational Therapy. Sending positive vibes and wishing them the best (especially this week!) on their certification exams! I am really excited to see these bright young ladies achieve all of their goals.