Texas Reds: Wine and Steak Festival

This past Friday 9/27/13 marked the 7th annual Texas Reds Festival and since we’ve never attended one before, it was pleasant to take a Saturday off and see the sights for ourselves. On Friday afternoon, downtown Bryan started to show signs of a happening place, with coolers filled with iced beer, music tickling the ears, and the enticing smell of smoked barbeque. All of Main st. was lined with vendors of all wares, including ritzy coozies, pottery and other art. Though the festival seemed to be less about the reds and more about vendors, overall it had a very familiar feel. The crowd was certainly older and the vibe reflected that. Breeze, Razz and the Dave Whiteman band filled the air with some catchy tunes of yesteryear. 

On the whole Texas Reds is a great way to bring people into the Downtown Bryan area, as I’m sure that’s what the festival is designed for. There were many people interested in the boutiques and specialty stores, such as the budding Chocolate Gallery. It rained the second day of the festival, which is unfortunate since most of the activities were planned for that Saturday. The festival is a nice little introduction to what Downtown Bryan has to offer, but if you’re looking for something a little different I’d definitely recommend venturing out in the microcosms of scenes some of the other bars have to offer.